Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


When will the table be saved?

The table will be saved, when the user clicks somewhere outside the actual cell e.g. on the "Save" - Button or in another cell. Furthermore the table is saved automatically after one minute when the website is open.

Why there is no template for ...?

The amount of templates will grow over time. Probably sometimes there will be also this template you are looking for. But it is actually possible to create own templates. Therefore you have to click on the button "Create Copy!" below the table in the "Options".

How can I insert or delete a row/column (despite the outer ones)?

This not possible yet, but it is on our todo list.

How many rows/colums can I use?

Actually 10 columns and 30 rows are possible.


Is it necessary to share a table again if I changed the content?

If you edited the content of a table it is not necessary to share the link again. Everyone who has the link can see the edited table with this original link.

What happens if two people work on one table simultaneously?

A thrilling moment. After each saving the table is newly built. Each change can be seen in a moment.

What happens if two people work on one cell simultaneously?

The one, who leaves the cell after his editing process at least (the one who clicks with his mouse pointer somewhere outside the cell) overwrites the content of the other person. His content will be shown in the cell.


Who can see my table?

The one who has the link to the table can see the website with table.

Is it possible to delete or lock tables?

You can delete the content but not the whole table.